Our Work From Home Experiences

April 16, 2020

It’s been 20 days since the lock-down COVID-19 pandemic has enabled working from home experience throughout the world. Like everything else, working from home has its own pros and cons.

Some of our team members have shared with us about their experiences working from home during this pandemic.


Anjali Neupane (BDO Intern)


I do not have to get ready and wait at my bus stop to leave for office, which saves a lot of time but at the same time I miss my coworkers and the communication has become rare. Working from home can be tedious especially when a lot people use same internet and I sometimes face those problems whereas internet at office is quite reliable. Working form home in my comfort zone is a new and different experience for me which has given me the opportunity to make time for myself and my family.

But I miss the office and the working space. Hope this pandemic will end soon and we can get back to our normal lives.


Pallavi Ghimire (UI/UX Developer)

To me, working from home has been a pleasant experience with its share of cons. I am able to work as well as take care of my household chores at the same time.

However, working from home limits the daily basis interactions that I make with people, because I need to rely on platforms available on the internet. For a good while, the ISP that I use had disabled me from working as well as interacting due to slow internet speed, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who experienced that.

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Abhisekh Khatiwada (CMO)


Initially, I got break from my hectic daily routine and had my friends over to spend time watching movies, playing games which felt pretty much like a wonderful vacation. But after a week, my big and realistic journey started as I had to live alone which had hit me hard and affected me mentally.

Even though ideas and planning for company were popping up in my head I could not share it with anybody which made my situation even worse. I knew I had to pull back and I am truly thankful to video calling apps which helped me connect with my colleagues. We started discussing visions and had some good time catching up with each other during this COVID-19 pandemic. I also utilized my time following up with all the pre-existing and new clients online.

When there is no physical journey and complete isolation, I believe it is one of the hardest tests; this time of my life has taught me more about mental journey and how important people are in our daily life. I miss sharing food, thoughts, enjoying ride and other many activities with my friends, colleagues, and all my daily routine crowd. Once pandemic ends and everything goes back to normal, I wish I never have to face working from home and self-isolation experience in my life ever again.


Shibesh Duwadi (CEO)

Working from home for software engineers is not a new thing. We often have to stay up late nights at home to complete our work. However, having to do it 24/7 is a whole other challenge.

In my experience so far, coordination with my team has been the most challenging aspect. The reduced network bandwidth is not helping at all. Some of the people in my team can only work at nights due to the slow network. So, coordinating project schedules has been a difficult task.

As someone who believes that working remote is and should be the future of the IT industry, I would say that being on the same page with your team is vital to this system working. So, the current conditions are not ideal to be completely honest.

However, if we were to continue working 2-3 days per week remotely, I think the results would be much better and even more productive than a regular working week at the office.

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