Our Journey; Where We Stand Now

May 24, 2020

We were a bunch of young aspirants dreaming of starting out our own venture and establishing our own company. We sat out on tea stalls, college campus, and canteens brainstorming the business plans and ideas. We even went out on visiting our teachers and mentors to get a broader perspective on starting a business. Some mentors even helped us by providing small projects to start with and gain knowledge on how to build a team, how to plan out a project, making budget plans, monitoring the progress of the project from start to end and delivering it to the end customers. In April 2018, we started what is now a web-app-centric software development company in the country.

The journey was truly a roller-coaster ride. There were days when we would be celebrating the smallest milestones that we reached but there were also days when we fell short and could not deliver the projects on time or even had to re-work on it from the beginning to set our image right. However, in short amount of time, we began on winning customers and growing our business.

During the journey, the first thing that we have realized is finding the likeminded people is often as important as finding the right people. It is often more important to move on from the mistakes as quickly as you realize that you made a mistake, dwelling on it and trying to make things right will only make it worse.

Second thing must be focusing on steady progress and adapting according to the situation rather than sticking to the previous “The-Perfect-Plan” we came up at the very beginning. This allowed us to learn new lessons every day and looking back at these accumulated knowledges, we are amazed by our own growth.

Amongst many lessons, the most conclusive one is that we always need to be our worst critique to bring out the best in ourselves. This will motivate us every day to keep pushing forward and keep raising the bars. And experiencing the little jolt of victory sparks joy from within and inspires to achieve more.

Sharing our success story might make it sound simple but it has hardly been anything but simple. Building a business is often viewed as glittery and glamourous however is contrary to the dedication, perseverance and faith invested on it. Yet despite of the challenges, the result is often rewarding.

Ashmita Thapa
Ashmita Thapa