How I feel about being a part of the Four Tuples family

May 6, 2020

The first time you get a job and you go into the office can be a very nerve wracking experience to some. Well at least it is for me, when I find myself in a new place. But when I first joined Four Tuples, the experience was surprisingly easy.

Its been about a year since I joined Four Tuples, and I could never have asked for a better organization to sharpen my skills. Filled with like minded individuals, the work environment is also something that I admire. As much as I like the work that I do, the coffee breaks, lunch breaks and water-cooler conversations are what make Four Tuples a great place to work at. Pressure when a deadline approaches is something that every person who works in our field has to endure, but during other times, the office environment is very friendly.

Web Programming is a field in which you must learn rapidly evolving technologies as quickly as you can. When there is a bit of time left after being done for the day, the competitive nature that takes a hold on some of my colleagues is inspiring, and that really pushes me to learn new things and improve everyday. The encouragement and support that I get when I have a mind to learn something new makes the learning process more easier to handle and a lot more enjoyable.

As much as I am learning in Four Tuples, the organization itself despite being new is also learning the ways of the business world everyday. The meetings and discussions about where the organization is heading, and what it must do next is, in a way, inspiring. I’ve been a member of this family since it was relatively new and to see it take its steps to become bigger and better everyday is a joy to see.

I hope that Four Tuples becomes a workplace that it has always envisioned to be and I hope that I can do as much as I can to help them reach their goals. On the occasion of their second anniversary, I wish that Four Tuples continues to grow and become better every single day.

Pranav Poudyal
Pranav Poudyal